My name is Jamie Burnett Parsons. I began my career as a CART provider right out of court reporting school. I quickly learned that providing good accommodations did not only entail having a fantastic dictionary and being punctual. I learned a lot from CART recipients by asking about their preferences, what worked best for them and why.

I began the company a few years later as a way to have compadres and coworkers in the field. Our profession is very specific in the training we have and the population we serve. Most providers are alone in their quest for knowledge of the laws, and the resources they need access to to perform the service with accuracy. My vision was to assemble a team of providers to be a support for one another. Together we are a big support to our state academic institutions being qualified, dedicated, ethical, excellent, accurate writers providing accommodations. We strive to overcome any obstacle in provide equal access to communication in the learning environment, daily.

This vision has been fulfilled in the fantastic team we have. We support one another seamlessly in countless ways. Our recipients know they can count on CommPro, as do the institutions we contract with.

This company has been a very rewarding experiment that has gone right. We are passionate about our work and our reputation.

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