• As someone who has personally experienced class, in-person and online, with and without CART I can tell you that the difference night and day. I was released from the responsibility of constantly reminding the teacher to look at me and I could focus entirely on what they were saying. It didn’t stop there either. Having CART services to caption uncaptioned videos given to us by our instructors was undeniably helpful in leaving the field in regards to accessing information that my hearing classmates already had.

    Zachary Taylor Lead Level Designer, FDAAF
  • I've absolutely loved CommPro, everyone has always been so helpful.  Using a screen share was great because I could have both my notes and the real-time captions side by side. In four years I've had only one problematic incident. A captionist let the class know the captioning was being provided for me.  Jamie handled my concern appropriately and almost immediately. That was an isolated event and I've never another issue! I've been fortunate enough to even get to know my captionists over the last few years and will miss them greatly when I graduate!

    Kelci Avery UA Economics Major
  • I could not have graduated from the University of Alabama without the services provided by CommPro. They were able to provide any CART and captioning services that were requested in order for me to succeed in my classes. They are great communicators and a great support system. I would highly recommend CommPro for any kind of services needed, in order to succeed.

    Rachel Isom Current Pre-K Teacher
  • "CART made the difference in my college career. Coming from a small high school where I received focused attention to a large university with lecture hall sized classes was a huge change for me. I knew my lip reading skills were not going to be up to the task of hearing my professors as they walked around a large room or keeping up with a quick paced class discussion. However, CART erased all of those concerns. I sat in class and read all that the professors and my classmates said as they were saying it. It made me equal with me peers. In the end, I graduated with honors and several awards. This would have never been possible without CART or the wonderful individuals with CommPro who provided the service."

    Whitney Hobson Craig Bachelor of Arts in Communication, University of Alabama 2011
  • “CommPro provided reliable, accurate, professional classroom captioning services for my students who were deaf or hard of hearing. The captionists were friendly, caring, and proactive in their work with both professors and students. With CommPro, I never had to worry about captioning for students who qualified for this academic accommodation - they took care of everything.”

    Donna Smith M.A., CRC former Accommodations Specialist UA, current doctoral student in Counselor Education
  • "I utilized the realtime captioning services provided by CommPro while I worked on my Master’s degree due to a permanent hearing disability I obtained as a child. Since I grew up with my hearing loss, I was not fully aware of how much it actually affected my experiences. Therefore, I did not use a captionist while I worked on my Bachelor’s degree. When I chose to try it for the Master’s program, I was surprised at how much I actually was not hearing! The words of teachers and classmates simply come up on the screen in front of you! Since I really have to watch people talk when they are far away, it was often difficult to take notes that were accurate. With captioning, I do not feel as though I missed anything! The professionals were very helpful, and became friends to me throughout my program! I would recommend trying these services if you have trouble hearing, because you never know how much it may help you."

    Jessica Maness
  • "When I first starting using CommPro, I wasn't quite sure how it would work. Then I noticed the easing of the burden that had followed me in high school:  The complexities of lip-reading and taking notes simultaneously. With CART, I was able to continue taking my own notes AND not miss a minute of the professors' lectures or a question and/or answer a classmate discussed behind (and to the side) of me-all within seconds! Not losing chunks of lectures and being able to accurately follow the class discussions in class are just two things CommPro provided me with during college. They also made a transcript of the entire class that allowed me to review notes I may have missed in class; were professional in their dealings with professors who mumble or students who do not complete their train of thought; and, in my opinion one of the best parts, were personally involved in helping me achieve my educational goals. CommPro cares and helps students have equal opportunity to hear and understand their classes. They were life- and grade-savers."

    Keri Shelton BA in Foreign Language with a Concentration on French and a Minor in English. (Computer Essentials and French teacher at St. Joseph Regional Catholic School)
  • "As a student at the University of Alabama, the captionists that work for CommPro helped me tremendously. I used this service for two years and found it very helpful. The captionists themselves are wonderful and truly want to accommodate each of their students the best they can. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone who has a hearing loss because it  helped me succeed in the classroom."

    Former UA undergrad Current Univ. of Colorado student, 2012
  • "I am currently a junior attending the University of Alabama studying English and Sociology while on the Pre-Law track. I have used CommPro's CART/captioning services for the past two years with great results. The realtime transcripts provided to me after class by the captionists help me to study better for exams. Although I take notes, I still miss a lot of what the professor says.  When I go back and read the notes, I learn more about what is being taught in class. Not only have the realtime transcripts helped me pass my exams and other important graded material, but my captionists have become some of my greatest friends. They always go out of their way to make their realtime transcripts readable, accurate and available whenever I need them. While realtime captionists are not able to caption classes spoken in foreign language (my only regret),  working with CommPro's technology and captionists has been a very valuable experience. I intend to use their services until I graduate from law school."

    UA graduate Bachelor of Science in Commerce & Business Administration, 2011

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