universal design

We are proponents of Universal Design of Instruction. We advocate for this anytime we have the opportunity. Real-time captioning (CART) is certainly a reasonable accommodation for the deaf/HH population according to the federal government, but according to statistics, reason, and logic, it is a great benefit to any hearing person as well.

We hope that future classrooms of major universities will have real-time captioner (CART Provider) providing CART in each class of 100 or more students in the near future.

This is a starting point and will benefit All students present. Many schools have been very proactive in ensuring that public lectures and live events have CART for all to have access to communication. Making the CART output available to the class at large also eliminates any privacy issues pertaining to any one individual receiving accommodations. Many schools now see the need to have all classroom media captioned before being shown and have made requirements of faculty to comply with these standards.

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