I. Individual CART
a. On-Site: We specialize in on-site CART. We know it is by far the best for the individual who requires equal access to communication inside the classroom (auditorium, gym, lecture hall, theater, boardroom etc.) for our eyes and ears to be present in the room where instruction, performance, discussion, and participation is happening. We caption it all in realtime making the learning environment a level playing field for the student, seminar attendee, audience member, board member, etc.
For information about where our services can be utilized and provided, please contact us today.
1. We want to know your level of comfort with having services at each turn. If you wish have services and value discretion of how services are rendered to you or for your student, please call and ask us about the way our services look in the classroom and how best we can tailor the delivery of the realtime captions to you and your own preferences. We aim to please.

b. Remote: We provide remote CART to establish equal access to communication for deaf/HH students taking distance education classes. We can also provide this service for any live lecture, whether through weblink access or in a live classroom where students are meeting, but a CART provider is not available to be present. In the case of a live classroom, the CART provider may have limitations as to what they hear based on microphone placement, room acoustics, room size, internet service, etc.

For more information about our remote services, please contact us today.

II. Group CART
a. Large Screen: We can provide captions to your group on a dedicated screen (LED, projector, etc). The background is black and letters in white. In certain instances we can provide captions on a shared screen with the presentation.

For more information on how this is accomplished and how it can benefit your group, please contact us today.

b. Weblink: If your event location or classroom has reliable WiFI, we can provide you with a specific link to the realtime captions for your event or class to be distributed to and accessed by any individual present with a smartphone or wifi-enabled tablet.

For more information on how this is accomplished and how versatile the utility is for the users who access the captions, please contact us today

III. Media Transcription:
We are able to make transcripts of materials not captioned, or with poor captions, that will be shown to a group or audience that requires ADA compliance to access the material, especially anything publicly accessed on your schools’ webpages, or any live classroom: Pre-recorded lectures , Tegrity recordings, YouTube videos, VCR tapes, DVDs, weblinks, podcasts, etc. Anything shown in class can have a transcript prepared ahead of the class time, with due notice. Also, our transcripts are saved in a form to be uploaded for closed captions.

For more information on media transcription, please contact us today.

IV. Live streaming video:

Call us for information on streaming live captions for your event.

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